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SayCET is a Parisian producer whose name IRL (in real life) is Pierre Lefeuvre. We pleasantly discovered his work with Jeremie Whistlers track “Cold Heart” a few months ago and the remix he did for him that’s when SayCET popped on our radar.

Today he releases “Volcano”, his comeback. He produces organic sounds mixed in a minimal fashion with electronic textures to complement the effort. He recently toured Europe, Russia and parts of Asia and has also worked on the sound design of the Museum of Modern Art (Centre Georges Pompidou) in Paris. He’s promised to a bright future in the world of music, that’s not a secret. What might be a secret still though, is that he’s planning on releasing a full length third album in early 2015. So stay tuned for more on sayCET. Additional vocals / lyrics in “Volcano” are by the wonderful Phoene Somsavath.

On stage, Pierre is accompanied by Louise Roam (vocals, violin, keyboards) and Zita Cochet (stage design, video projection).

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Jeremie Whistler – Cold Heart (SayCET remix)

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