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We have recently introduced you to Synthetic Ghosts’ oddly satisfying tunes in a previous article. Today, they return with another jam we really dig and think you might just appreciate as much as “Ocean Floor” we talked about. Here’s “It Follows” taken from their upcoming EP ‘Asthma Will Take Your Breath Away’ due out soon.

“It Follows” comes complete with bells, anime samples, delayed bass and drum machines and those weirdly compelling vocals by lead member Andre Lenev I was going on about earlier. Indulge in this new track as well as keeping a close eye on their progress. These guys are set for big things.

The band hails from New Orleans, USA and consists of four members: Andre Lenev (lead vocals, guitar, synths), Ben Barbour (lead guitar, backing vocals, sampler), Sam Durazzo (bass, synths) and Alex “Hambone” Hamlin (drums).

‘Asthma Will Take Your Breath Away’ EP”  with the tracklist and cover art below:

Synthetic Ghosts “formed as a stripped down garage-rock college experiment” to a full throttle outfit complete with distorted guitars layered beautifully with analog synths, electronic drums and obscure cartoon samples resulting in very catchy, yet also oddly bizarre tunes that would appeal to any sidetracked human being out there in need of a lifehack filled with self-awareness and irony. You could also enjoy their debut track titled “The Collider” released for Halloween last year…

Don’t go away before you follow these guys closely over the next few months via social media… All links are further down…

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