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It’s not unusual to come across Prince soundalikes. But to cross path with such a genius song with clear Prince inspirations and the huge potential of such a delivery is quite uncommon. Many have tried, few have succeeded. And the only fact that Harriet Brown manages to come that close to equal the Purple Rain showstopper decidedly is a feat in its own right.

With “20/15”, Harriet Brown sets the bar pretty high for himself. Proving once more, that a whole new generation of musicians are ready to take on their contemporaries. From Los Angeles, CA Harriet Brown infuses some of the rarest blends of R&B into the smoothest romantic funk I heard in -well- yonks, definitely Prince in the spirit. He draws influences from a wide range of vocal superstars including Mariah Carey, Caron Wheeler, MaxwellD’Angelo and Bone Thugs. Also high up there are Prince and Sade of course.

Brown says of the 20/15 song :

This song especially goes out to all the ladies and fellas who are amazingly supportive and extremely gifted at lifting up their loved ones, but somehow can’t see their own self-worth. If we could learn to absorb for ourselves the love we’re always imparting on others, I think our collective peace could blossom tenfold. But I know this is not an easy thing to do; it’s more the kind of thing you work on throughout your entire lifetime.

The track was produced by produced by Alex Talan (from Rare Times) and Harriet Brown himself. Expect a full-length album in for this year. Synthesizers, drum machines, guitar, and brazen vocals are unified through the mind and body of one man, generating a sound in which the past becomes the future; Harriet Brown is creating a new kind of romantic funk.

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