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Shaun Hettinger aka Memoryy has been around the Brooklyn, NY music scene for quite a while (pronounce it like Underwood in House Of Cards for a giggle). Shaun produces tracks and music for TV/Film/commercials by day, and goes all out artist by night when he dons his Memoryy cape. And it’s with his strongest track yet under that name -“Young Oblivion”, that Memoryy blasts through the sound system here at Sodwee HQ in Paris. Bringing real good electro grungy dollops of awesome sounds to this neck of the woods. As if Purity Ring finally went rogue and had a child with Teen Daze. This is the kind of sweet music you’d be faced with !

There’s a fire somewhere / But they try to put it out / It’s not on the TV / but it’s on the radio / So we keep on dancing / until the sun comes up / They keep on sleeping / Young Oblivion

We’re pretty late to the prom here, but nonetheless, it’s one of those timeless tunes you know. One that could easily go down in history as the perfect match to a classic cinema moment à la Breakfast Club or a love scene/end credits in GIRLS for instance (to name any)… The track has been charting over at Hype Machine and understandably topped the realm of the Twitter Chart at #5 this week !

Shaun Hettinger co-produced “Young Oblivion” with chillwave artist Brothertiger and it will be the title track off his upcoming new EP. Together they built a lovely world of textures (and apparently the pair have dug up and have been bonding over some of Tears For Fears‘ deeper cuts.)

It’s a modern take on some 80’s flavor. With a slight lean over to more nostalgic influences. It’s a winner all around we say, something you really to be playing right now.

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