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Recently signing with XL‘s Bronx-based (USA) record label Hot Charity, which is also home to Ratking, Willis Earl Beal and Single Mothers, Kaya a.k.a. OKAY KAYA drops a haunting pair of beautifully crafted songs called ‘Gravity’ (the single) and ‘My Heart’. As an American-born in New Jersey, she played guitar in her brother’s black metal at the tender age of 15 before moving out to a rather remote peninsula outside of Olso in Norway. She is now based out of New York.

The tunes she usually puts out, aren’t anything like black metal if that’s what you were afraid of. But instead, sound more like really captivating lullabies for the depressed few (in a very good way). From what she has already put out to the public, it is clear OKAY KAYA is going somewhere with her music. Exploring melancholy through gracious melodies and the omnipresent sense of space, within the silent pauses, the slow paced rhythms and that guitar work, especially on ‘Gravity’. For fans of GamblesListen and follow …

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