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Agatha LaFaye just sent in the first track off her upcoming self-released EP ‘Jupiter’s Mantrap’ on April 25th. We’re submerged by feature requests, and tracks to listen to these days, it seems budding artists out there all want their track out at the same time ! None the less, we really like to hear how creative you can get. And Agatha seems to have done exactly that. Not only on the striking cover designs for her music but also in “Diamond Bright” the first track she’s releasing for us today !

Agatha defines the sound of her music as ‘Menstrual Pop’

Jupiter's Mantrap - sodwee.comLaFaye was born and raised in Niagara Falls in Canada. She graduated Hihgh School and put every penny she earned had working into a piggy bank to pursue her musical ambitions a step further.

Fast forward to her twenties, Agatha LaFaye outgrew her hometown of Niagara Falls and spontaneously headed to Toronto for a broader take on arts and and culture. Fuelling her creativity even more to the point where she’s finally self-releasing the results in an EP in the hope to get noticed. And boy she has.

About Jupiter’s Mantrap by Agatha :

The concept of “Jupiter’s Mantrap” was conceived during a very depressing and bitterly long winter. I moved to Toronto in July 2013 and within the coming months, I began production on a very special project that is as-of-now still very top-secret. As the months of song production went by, I became frustrated and restless working a minimum wage job and not doing much of anything music-related. I am happiest when working on a project and that’s when I decided that I needed to start writing new music and find a fresh inspiration.

[title maintitle=”Tracklist” subtitle=”Jupiter’s Mantrap EP”]

  1. Pop Rules (an Intro)
  2. I’ll Be Your Waitress
  3. Diamond Bright
  4. Moans
  5. Psycho Bitch (1, 2, 3)

She calls the sound of her music as ‘Menstrual Pop’, or “pop that channels the female spirit”… And “Diamond Bright” brings out the best, with a high pitched brooding vocals stuck to a simple but mesmerizing backdrop as well as the big chorus halfway through will change your mind instantly.

Also, if you’re one of the first 100 peeps to sign up to her mailing list, she’ll send you the entire EP for free on April 25th, so there’s no reason why you should : click here. And while you’re at it listen to “Diamond Bright” below :


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