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Based in Tel Aviv, growing up in Emek Hefer on the Israeli coast, we’d like to take a minute or  your precious time to introduce you to the solo debut of Dorj, also known as Dor Turgeman in the civil world. He has a real classical background, studying composition at uni in Tel Aviv and delivers enough proof on his debut track “Don’t Care” from his upcoming debut EP ‘forgetmoveondontcare’. It’s a complicated affair of soulful vocals mingling with RnB elements in bed with electronics.

Dorj will release his debut solo EP ‘FORGETMOVEONDONTCARE’ later this year.

You’ll quickly find that “Don’t Care” holds similitudes with recent artists like Jack Garratt or even Rationale to a certain degree. Topped with great, Timberlake-level, vocal performance. Listen instead (below).

I grew up with lyricists such as Leonard Cohen & Bob Dylan, who influenced my journey in exploring the power of words within melodies – how to play with meanings, syllables, and poetic metaphors

Keep your eyes peeled for Dorj. He’s set to bring a little glimpse of sunshine to the table, and rip through those thick grey clouds (at least in Nantes)…

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