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Francis Dale is one of those artist. One that will breakthrough in the neatest way, fast. Francis Dale would not have popped on our radars and turned our dashboard in a frenzy if it wasn’t for Hillydilly discovering this great new talent, so thanks you Chad ! The portuguese sounds like a true, generously kind, force of nature you really can’t ignore. The kind that creeps its way and grows on your credibility meter by the second.

His alternative soul built on minimalistic beats and over delayed layers of guitars speaks about time, beings and relationships.

The soulful, electronica artist, with 2 four-track EP’s and a uber decent cover of “No Diggity” to his name will charm your senses as soon as you play one of his songs. We would recommend you start with the track ‘Eleanor’ from his latest 2nd EP titled ‘□’ . and move on to ‘In The Elegy’ if you don’t know where to start. Francis Dale hails from Lisbon down southern Portugal and has been around for a substantial amount of time before we came across his material. Francis Dale is a writer, sings in english, and produces… He can be a part-time idealist… Which of course, transpires in the output. Just like SILVA in fact. He produces some similar tunes. But with his own twist.

We cannot stress enough how good his music is. The guy has already run a few live errands on the local scene, and his big break should happen anytime this year. With two EPs like he has dropped, there’s no doubt Dale will make a spot for himself amongst artists like SOHN, Silva, James Blake and the likes… Listen instead :

[title maintitle=”Passport” subtitle=”Other noteworthy tracks”]

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