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Bloum have been around the parisian electronic scene for quite a while now. We first posted about the group way back in May 2013 to great critical acclaim, that’s four and a half years ago, time really flies…  In that span, the band joined forces with Animal Records/Kitchen a new kind of hybrid enterprise comprising of a label (that still caters for Stand Wise, Kanzi, Elbi and many other musical projects) paired with a culinary project spearheaded by rising chef Antonin Girard. Currently holding a kitchen residency at Point Ephémère for your tastebuds only.

Today marks the return of constantly evolving group named Bloum. A visual, sensory and musical project lead by two visual artists, and two electronic musicians who deliver some of the most forward thinking number I ever saw live. Combining heavy electronic beats and melodies with at times the brilliance of a transverse flute or a saxophone thrown into the mix. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s all tied in together rather magically with the visual component of the band who strive to render very poetically in a live set. Bringing video loops, stage lighting and other artifacts to life as the music plays for you. It’s quite a thing to witness at least once.

All senses are required when you get to see Bloum live. All that’s missing are divine olfactive stimulus, but that might just come from the Animal Kitchen cooking up some tasty foods in the background.

Today they release their new single “TV Show”, their brand new cut from the new EP “TV Show” out via Animal Records on the 3rd November 2017. You’ll dig the processed keys and “Flat Beat”-esque electronic elements used throughout the track here. It’s a busy track that’ll fit your midnight – midweek cravings for danceable tunes…

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