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Bloum is a young group from around Paris, made up of two acoustic/electronic musicians and two visual artists (these days  the member count of Bloum may vary depending on the liveset they’ve prepared for you on the night…).

The band produces electro creations, influenced by artists like Four Tet, BurialXXYYXXPachanga BoysNicolas Jaar… right up to Magic Malik. They contacted me to showcase their work. I fell in love with their sound. And even more when they uploaded ‘Flower Dress’ to their Soundcloud profile. It’s easy what I would call “Slolectro”. A mix between Employee Of The Year’s Slow French genre and some more up-lifting Electro. [read more of our ‘Introducing : Bloum’ here…]

However today is only a follow-up by yours truly, as Bloum have been pretty busy this end of year 2013. They’ve managed to up-their-antics and delivered a stunning audio-visual piece of music… Sounding like Hermione’s raaadest magic enchantments.’Faith captures the best of both worlds, the audio complementing the simplistic approach of their music into on of these timeless bubbles. I’m loving every minute of this kickarse band I had the pleasure to meet and be entertained on numerous occasions over the past year… Check out their latest baby called “Faith”…

Bloum – Faith  [separator type=”space”]

[title subtitle=”Download previous tracks from Bloum :”]Passport[/title]

Bloum – Flower Dress 

Bloum – Deep Appeal 

Bloum – On The Moon 


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