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Come swim in “Golden” waters with COMODO, a German trio made up of Kartini (vocals), Marvin (synths/guitar) and Armin (drums). Their first EP “Golden” has found a place in today’s soundscape with songs dancing right in the spectrum of future synth and indie-pop.The first track “Rescue” does a fantastic job of introducing their EP with an  x BASECAMP like production. Kartini‘s hypnotic voice drifts through each song, setting the mood for a electronic forest journey guided by synths and drums.

“Golden” is by the far memorable of the 5 tracks with their catchy chorus. However, the rest of the songs, especially “Carry Me” and “Hypnotic,” establish COMODO‘s versatile playback ability. It’s easy to envision them playing in a coffee shop or luring their listeners into an immersive live performance. Listen to their title track “Golden” and “Carry Me” below, and find their full EP on Spotify.


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