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All photo credits go to Sophie Jarry, our dedicated photographer on duty during the event. Sophie is a renowned french portraits/live photographer in the music scene around Europe. Check her work/art out further on socials...

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[title maintitle=”REPORT” subtitle=”Sodwee’s account of the event”]

This year, surprisingly, the earlier you got to the venue, the better it was (with a few exceptions). The acts are just astonishingly good for daily opening slots. And yet again, we were damn right. Some of the best acts I’ve seen in this 2015 edition were the earlier slots. From Haelos who brilliantly brought a fair amount of crowd for the launch of the main event at the Grande Halle de la Villette on that beautiful Thursday afternoon to the breathtaking performance by british songstress NAO on Saturday. Everything about the opening acts this year was : HIGH END ! A few lows and slow times on Thursday as the festival crew was warming up. Not as packed and busy as the previous edition. However, as always the organisation and overall flow of the festival was amazing.

Not a single incident came to tarnish the already spotless reputation of Pitchfork Music Festival Paris this year. Aside maybe for technical difficulties with the sound on the first day on the green stage. One can come and enjoy the place, the food, the gigs alone for 3 days, and still have a fantastic time.The whole event is a human sized affair. You can wear what ever you like, not feel any kind of remorse when it starts pouring down with torrential rain, feet deep in horse shit and cold as a glacial Welsh winter : soggy, humid and most generally so unpleasant, North Korea still send their detainees for questioning in the hilly parts of the Brecon Beacon…

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[title maintitle=”STREET-CRED CHART #2015″ subtitle=”Top acts, day by day, in order of appearance. Sodwee’s personal ranking.”] [tabgroup layout=”vertical”] [tab title=”DAY ONE – Thursday”][skillbar title=”HAELOS” percentage=”93″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”KIRIN_J_CALLINAN” percentage=”59″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”DESTROYER” percentage=”73″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”ARIEL_PINK” percentage=”70″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”GODSPEED_YOU_BLACK_EMPEROR” percentage=”74″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”DEERHUNTER” percentage=”70″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”BEACH_HOUSE” percentage=”90″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”][/tab] [tab title=”DAY TWO – Friday”][skillbar title=”DORNIK” percentage=”83″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”ROME_FORTUNE” percentage=”69″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”HEALTH” percentage=”75″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”RHYE” percentage=”90″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”KURT_VILE” percentage=”69″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”BATTLES” percentage=”88″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”THOM_YORKE” percentage=”70″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”FOURTET” percentage=”75″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”][/tab] [tab title=”DAY THREE – Saturday”][skillbar title=”HINDS” percentage=”64″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”CURTIS_HARDING” percentage=”82″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”NAO” percentage=”91″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”FATHER_JOHN_MISTY” percentage=”76″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”UNKNOWN_MORTAL_ORCHESTRA” percentage=”79″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”RUN_THE_JEWELS” percentage=”84″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”SPIRITUALIZED” percentage=”87″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”] [skillbar title=”RATATAT” percentage=”78″ color=”#b74371″ show_percent=”true”][/tab] [/tabgroup] [title maintitle=”DAY 1″ subtitle=”Photos by Sophie Jarry – live at #P4Kparis “]

[title maintitle=”DAY 2″ subtitle=”Photos by Sophie Jarry – live at #P4Kparis”] [title maintitle=”DAY 3″ subtitle=”Photos by Sophie Jarry – live at #P4Kparis”]
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Sophie Jarry ◇ Michela Cuccagna ◇ Mattia ◇ Sophie ◇ Pauline Le Tallec ◇ Christal ◇ Melissa ◇ Julien Catala ◇ Anastasia Phillipe ◇ Senne ◇ Hannah ◇ Thomas ◇ Jarri

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