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Bessa is the kind of #nofilter singer-songwriter when it comes to her music. To the point she’s ready to suffer from it. The result is a feverish flavor that emanates from those truly heartfelt moments she sings, and pin-point in her debut self-titled EP Bessa (out next week / 15th JANUARY via Capitol)

With common influences and inspiration taken from the likes of Joni Mitchell, MIA, Cocorosie, Tom Waits, James Blake, Little Dragon, Feist, for their groovy rock”n”roll swagger but also likes to infuse some minimal melancolia from Bon Iver and Rodrigo Amarante. This same melancolia that Bessa nourishes from distant contemplation she acquired over the years and delivers with serene spontaneity (true to her Corsican, Sicialian and Breton bloodlines) in absolute beauties like “La Quête du Nord”, “La Pluie” and the title track “J’ai Vaguement Ton Coeur” that brilliantly draws you into her little world of awesome French lyrics (Akin to a female SOHN with a heavier voice, and love for melodies).


Bessa may look frale and fragile from the thirsty something silhouette & posture she hides behind, but hold no breath, she’s determined to prove otherwise. The kind to know exactly what she needs or wants. Bessa aka Julie (in real life) was born in La Ciotat (very close to Marseilles in Southern France).

[title maintitle=”BESSA EP” subtitle=”The Tracklist”]

  1. J’ai Vaguement Ton Cœur
  2. La Pluie
  3. Héloïse
  4. La quête du nord

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