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Hey ! One last bloggeddy-blog before I jet off. Here is the relatively new-on-the-block up-and-coming Stella, a dope singer/songwriter out of New York City USA, with the track ‘New Toy’ with Jared Evan on the production. This track really transpires some Portishead amongst other influences. Including some of her father’s. The legend that is Carlos Santana . You can imagine the face I pulled 😳 when I got a reply to my tweets:

After the great reception of her previous single ‘Fumes.’ The San Francisco born, singer-songwriter Stella returns with latest cut: ‘New Toy,’ a track from her upcoming debut album ‘Selfish.

Fell outta the sky boy
Just for you
I’m your brand new toy

Aside from the obvious fact that the Stella HAS huge talent vocally, we can also praise Jared Evan for coming up with some real subtle touches in the production… For example, those pulsating little laser noises towards the start of the track really add to the overall awesomeness dripping down our earholes. Not to mention the quality vocal work provided by Stella… It’s a given, she’ll go far. DO yourselves a favor and add her socials to keep up with the hurricane of greatness that’s about to hit the coast. Code named… STELLA.

[imagebox maintitle=”STELLA (live) in London” subtitle=”Old Blue Last, London/ UK on Feb 24th (Free Show)” image=”https://sodwee.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Optimized-Le_Old_Blue_Last..jpg” color=”white” space=”80″ link=”no link”]

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