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If you’re into the moody vibes of Matt WoodsRITUAL and Yuma X, mAsis isn’t just a recommendation, they’re a necessity. This LA band has been shrouded in mystery, but their music style has been favorite since the Kennesaw EP. Their stunning vocals graze over like wind over the smallest hairs. A drifter’s soundtrack. Their newest track “Good Life” premiered on NYLON today and it shows exactly why mAsis is here to stay.

With a voice like wind rustling over sand and sea foam drifting across the sea, mAsis is a band your ears will drink in. Moving off the strong Kennesaw EP, the new track “Good Life” showcases the side of mAsis you can groove to. When it comes to playing mAsis on repeat, Mother Earth is your dance floor and the suns’ rays are the strobe light. As the song powers through, you’ll be left with nothing but the confidence to try something new.

“They never said it would be easy,” mAsis sings, “but if this is it, then I might try to reach.” And that’s how good things come – to those who reach, just like you as you hit play below.

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