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On the quietest days where we’re full of senseless urgency, you’ll find us in this “Kaleidoscope.” This snow globe of feelings is fueled by the angelic voice of Kelsie Rimmer, a singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Think of Bon Iver in heaven and you’ll find yourself right in the middle of Kelsie Rimmer‘s delicately crafted “Kaleidoscope.”

While she’s mostly known for her appearance on The Voice Australia, Kelsie‘s original songs are in a league of their own. Her ambient, electronic style is the perfect chill-scape vibe for the most serene downtime. “Kaleidoscope” melts even the hardest of hearts into a puddle of want, pulling you into that escaped moment where you want to tell that one person your secret but are too afraid to. So in this fear, you play “Kaleidoscope” and hope they hear the same words too. Listen to Kelsie Rimmer‘s “Kaleidoscope” below:

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