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Max Green debuts his solo career, after a stint in Inspired and The Sleep outfit, with a brilliant pick-me-up tune to which you will no doubt be singing along to this week and beyond. It’s the kind of debut track that puts your grey monochrome mood in a totally different chromatic spectrum all together. Suddenly, the entire room fills up with bright colouring splashed on every wall, and colored light beams strike when the second verse sets in, and that pan-pipe business starts playing, that seals the deal for us :


“Homebody” will definately rank high. 24 year old singer-songwriter-producer Max Green comes from sunny Californian town San Diego (USA). Keep a close eye on new-comer Max Green as he drops a debut EP this summer. This is likely to get some traction as the lead single in my humble opinion. It’s close to the perfect summer hit.

The songwriter has a debut EP that’s looking to be released in Summer of 2016.

With each new body devoured
Seems like the hunger just continues to grow
And i’ll be counting down every hour
Until the second i can let you go

You’re going out every single night
In hopes to find yourself a matching a soul
But it’s not an easy task to do
When that heads living deep inside a whole

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