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This is a one-man band in the name of Warhola, known in the real world as Oliver Symons we’ve covered before and grew up in the city of Antwerp in Belgium. He’s an undeniable link in the belgian music chain. Having produced a couple track for Tsar B recently. But it’s a whole different ball-game when it comes to his own material.

Warhola delivers some mind-blowing electronic-soul composition and attitude within the two tracks available on his Soundcloud profile… Much like his fellow citizens in fact -they often don’t realize how good they are until their playlisted by the BBC ‘willy nilly’ and have to accommodate for the demands of huge audiences worldwide. It is often the case with belgian artists it seems, a bit like they think they have difficulty reaching out to larger audience when it’s not the case. At All.

Today Warhola dropped “Lady” the second track to ever grace the masses. And the award winning artist does not disappoint one inch ! He’s done it again, with great falsettos to boot.

He manages to captivate his growing audience. And have you journey with him all along the track. It’s certainly dark, with brooding instrumentals and very well dosed R&B phases. It’s the kind of music I was longing tonight to be honest. And it has fulfilled its goal.

However, and hopefully for Warhola and consorts, they have mastered the ropes of going global and will definitely take strides on the international scene. It’s all we can wish them. He should be playing a string of dates around Belgium in the coming months and maybe venture outside the homeland later on. Keep a close eye on the visuals too as the oscar nominated Director Of Photography Nicolas Karakatsanis (Bullhead, The Drop) has offered his know-how to produce the videos and all the visuals…

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