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Amsterdam-based indie rock trio Bombay returns with long-awaited sophomore LP ‘Show Your Teeth’. As the band welcomes Lisa Ann Jonker as the new drummer, Bombay sets out to rock our hearts over the incoming summer with the new album’ Show Your Teeth’, which is their 3rd album, following in the steps of multi-instrumentalist Mathias Janmaat who’s been spearheading the formation since it’s inception. Adding more depth and emotion to their writing process, letting personal feelings permeate the resulting sound, the band delivers an introspective insight into the different transformation that occurred over the past few months. The soaring album Show Your Teeth” sounds like an uplifting therapy blended into very catchy pop-songs and addictive hooks.

Their live performances have resonated across many festivals and this year will be no different. Catch their crazy live settings across Europe in April & March as they release their latest album. Check out Sophie’s interview with the group below, and don’t forget to check out their social profiles to keep up to date with their whereabouts.

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Interview by Sophie. Photographs by Michela Cuccagna. Additional words by Sodwee.
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Bombay.Portrait 2016.Paris.Michela Cuccagna©
Bombay in Paris (2016). Photo by Michela Cuccagna
A new moniker, a new  formation and a new sound direction… is it actually a new chapter or a new beginning ?

I think it’s both. Somebody else back in Holland said is it a new band or is it a debut album ?! But it definitely feels like a second record of the same band with a lot of changes (laughing).  Obviously, It was a duo so it only takes one person to leave for you to be the last remaining person but it definitely feels like a second record because everything is kind of based on the first one, it’s like a reaction to the first record. I’m really happy with the new set up we have right now.

You said a duo but you actually started as a trio !

Yeah, now we’re a trio again ! We went from being a trio to being a four-member band to duo and trio again. Every record we’ve released is a new formation !

But you’re still there !

But for how long ? Nobody knows ! (laughing)

How did you meet Lisa Ann, your new drummer ?

In June last year we were looking for a new drummer and we asked around if people knew a good female drummer and almost everybody said we had to have Lisa Ann. So she came by and we instantly felt a connection. We didn’t know she was going to be a nutcase so I think we jumped a gun on this one but you can’t have everything ! (laughing)

Show Your Teeth is a kaleidoscope of influences. You were experimenting a lot I guess.

The influences are still the same as for the first one although I was listening to a lot of Deerhunter stuff and I really liked the way his vocal sounds. With the previous record, I already wanted to try bouncing the drums to tape and that kinda changed the sound entirely. It sounds totally different mainly with that tape stuff.

[infobox maintitle=”CATCH BOMBAY LIVE” subtitle=”at Point Ephémère on April 3rd 2016″ bg=”black” color=”white” opacity=”off” space=”100″ link=”http://www.bombaybombaybombay.com/tour/”]

I know the title  Show Your Teeth  is taken from Dolly Doesn’t Want To Face The Facts but it’s actually the feeling I have when I listen to Slow Motion… I want to show my teeth ! There’s a kinda rebellion and positive anger in it.

I think that song and also Sea and Bleach have the same theme. It’s all about like having a period where nothing seems to work and it’s all going downhill and then being like « oh, fuck it ! » and you go forward. It’s the kind of energy these songs have for me.

On Monday you played on a French TV programme and I’ve checked your previous concerts : you’ve played in so many places in France !

Yeah, we’ve been going back and forth for over three years already. I think the first time was with Mama Festival, we played a very small pub in Montmartre and there were only old people drinking wine or Ricard but there was also our current agent, he was in the audience, and he liked the set and he got us all these festivals ! We love France !

What is special about the French audience ?

I think Paris is the same as Amsterdam. All the bands come to Paris and I guess people have seen it all but still they are really appreciative of music and culture in general. We always get good responses over here.

Bombay in Paris (2016). Photo by Michela Cuccagna
Bombay in Paris (2016). Photo by Michela Cuccagna

Do you feel close to any band from the Dutch music scene ?

Well, the Dutch music scene is so small but there’s a lot of good things coming from Holland : Jacco Gardner or Skip and Die for instance. Everybody plays everywhere so it’s quite close in a way and over the last couple of years there’s been some bands doing well in the rest of Europe and the US. Something is going on.

What is inspiring for you ?

This record is for a big part about everything that happened in the previous formation. It’s more personal, contrary to the first record which was more like small stories and fictional. I wanna share more now than I wanted to before.

Finally, since Sodwee stands for Sound Of The Week, what would be YOUR sound of the week ?

I haven’t listened to anything new recently… I’m a big fan of a French band called Elecampane. We will play with them at Point Ephémère (3rd of April 2016) for our Release Party. They’re from Concrete Knives.

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