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birthday‘s coming around the corner. And even if it’s not your birthday, today will be. Two weeks ago, Oakland producer and artist birthday dropped that four tracks that embody the perfect hazy summer days. In the era of chillwave, birthday mixes harmonies and a lo-fi effect to his tracks that make everything sound like it’s been around since the early 2000s when music videos were always shot on the beach and all your friends knew (or wanted) to skate. That feeling is especially strong in Grown Up Kids, which birthday brilliantly pulls off as a youthful anthem for kids and those who occasionally suffer from a Peter Pan complex.

The nostalgia is real, guys (and birthday is only 20).

Each song speaks to a different emotion. Babyface is particularly good with isolating out that internal longing. Subtle Love  is a bit of a melodic wonderland that moves listeners from one harmony to the next. birthday is poignant in his lyrics, like in Le Drugs when he sings: “Will you love til the drugs are gone and you move on…*” and hits all the right feelings without telling you how. Keep on eye on this boy because if his bio (mentored by a Grammy winning producer, preformed with various artists like Ariana Grande, Boys Like Girls, etc) foreshadows anything, it’s that he’s ready for everything.

*lyrics may not be accurate

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