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JIL are a trio from New York, USA. Consisting of three classically trained musicians that were roommates and clicked together to form JIL, which stands as an acronym for their first names.

JIL evolve in a lush paradise of organic sound elements, sometimes overturned cleverly in a more synthetic way. It’s what I call adventurous new R&B/Soul taking inspiration from wherever they can draw it. Not limiting their music spectrum and embracing anything that surrounds them to channel into their productions. On previous track “Freak”, which clocked a sizeable amount of plays on Soundcloud, they enrolled well known vocalist Salomon Faye and just took off from there.

Listen to their latest track “IMfat” just below, and well keep this trio in close reach as they’re about to announce some awesome dollops for the close future. Enjoy these sounds, and follow them on socials all listed below …

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