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There’s something very appealing with this release. Something as hard to describe as brazilian ‘Saudades’, something in the four track EP Les bateaux by PÉPITE released today (October 7th via microqlima) that brings sweet melancholia all the way from the bottom of ones heart and re-surfaces these feelings like a Wes Anderson movie only can achieve. The sort of feelings you get when you fall for someone. Butterflies from a past summer holiday love that magically make their way back into an instant memory throwback full of cotton clouds skies, dreamy sunsets and your summer love at your side.

It’s very much the Frenchiest pop you’ve heard this year. A coastal journey through some real fine songwriting, some tasty arrangements and atypical, child-like vocals. It’s a brilliantly lighthearted body of work by Thomas and Edy considering the topics. One half of them having previously formed the band Sauvage (of which we already covered in 2013) and only recently went all in with this new endeavor. And blimey, what a result !

J’ai tant perdu dans ce naufrage
Je me suis trompé je l’ai payé, je l’ai payé…

Clearly influenced by the likes of Beach House and Flavien Berger to name just a few. PÉPITE, [translates to ‘gem’ in English], delivers four very well produced tracks that’ll have you bobbing your head sideways before you get to know the entire lyrics and start singing along. They formed around a common love for Jamaïcan dub, exchanged their guitars and started working around synthesizers for a change. Adding those dreamy vocals to get the result you hear today.

Ça commence sous les hiéroglyphes, dans un ciel noir de pluie
Et on va oublier dans les bars de la ville qui vraiment on était

The duo PÉPITE will no doubt be a true ambassador of what French music has got to offer these days. We’re pleased to introduce them to you today. Hopefully you’ll dig them as much as we do. our favourite tracks would definitely count “Les Bateaux” and “Hiéroglyphes” amongst them. But the whole EP is worth a super spin.

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Directed by Baptiste Impair and made with over 2500 painted images...

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