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What’s not to like in Rei Brown‘s latest upload ? I wonder. Not much. “Wouldnt it be great” is one hell of a great track unearthed to our ears by Hillydilly.com earlier today. From Japan, Rei Brown encapsulates a whirlwind of emotions and feelings into the tiniest container ever. Just like Tokyo inhabitants would do, fighting for space to live in around the bustling, tiring and overcrowded megalopolis. With the support of fellow musician slash producer named To Be Frank (whom we covered in the past might I add)Rei Brown (formerly known as Raybaboon) crafts a superbly executed project here. One that should easily get you where you’ve been longing to be all week. Filled with cotton clouds, peace, quiet and a relaxing tea concoction to make things run smoother. There’s not much else on the character aside from a well documented Instagram account with plenty of pictures. We can certainly enjoy Brown’s eye for architecture and all things urban. In the meantime, and while we send our investigators down the Google time-trap, please take a minute or 12 to listen to the beauty that is “Wouldnt it be great” and the rest of his work over at his Soundcloud. As well as following his social estates to stay up to date.


There’s a wealth of other tracks to indulge in, I’ll let you discover them in your own time, we just wanted to give you an appetizer with our favorites so far…

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