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The Internet is a beautiful place. Just literally received a 2 line email that invited me to check out this yet unknown artist called Sumsimia from Dayton, Ohio who had previously released a few demo tracks (listen below) and had managed to grab Love Our Records label some attention with his music. It came through internet for them too, like most demos these days it seems. From what I heard and the demos lying around, this guy has a bright future in front of him. Think of it as a Star Wars pod high-speed chase between the likes of Caribou and Jai Paul. Sumsimia, who by the sounds of things, seems very young, grabs everyone’s attention and will hopefully keep at it when he drops his “Couch Potato” EP later on this year. Listen to the tracks we’ve managed to gather for you and the first single “Chloe” via Love Our Records below.

The track “Chloe” came after a week long writer’s block and Sumsimia “thought he’d pluck some notes on the guitar, record them, and then layer them to see how it sounded and the ideas kept flowing from there.”

On the inspirational side Sumsimia says :

It would mostly be Starf**ker for the guitar melodies and definitely Jai Paul for his vocals, guitar effects, etc.. Sometimes I have to force myself to branch off into my own ideas and stop thinking “what would Jai do?”. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could make things sound happy and upbeat while still making it clear it wasn’t a very optimistic tune. I wound up spending a lot of time on how the song ended to accomplish that.

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