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Sometimes it seems as though music nowadays has forgotten how to truly get people moving, with the charts full of grooves that sound like they’ve been painstakingly engineered to be infectious, and yet don’t elicit so much as a sneeze. Thankfully, there are still fresh-minded artists like CRL CRRL (Carl Carrell, if you’re trying to wrap your head around the pronunciation), to whom virtues like funk and soul come as naturally as the air they breathe.

The track in question, “AutoErotic”, is as bright as a summer’s day at the beach… ironic considering CRL CRRL is based out of Denver, Colorado. It’s a mix of charisma-driven vocals, horn-laden instrumentation, and fiery latin percussion that give the song its flair – one that any fans of Anderson Paak. will undoubtedly gravitate toward.

If you dig this one, you’re in luck… it’s only a taste of CRL CRRL‘s fresh new ‘St. Peterseon’ EP, just released today. With only three tracks and an intro, it’s a quick listen, but one that’s jam packed with a full spectrum of the tropical vibes that “AutoErotica” teases.

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