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I came across this stellar 5-track collection of songs by New York based Katherine Eisenberg, which together form her debut EP named “Nice” dropping on May 5, 2017 and thought I had to share it pronto. Not much has transpired from the singer-songwriter or her background yet, but we were struck by the apparent ease in Katherine’s vocals and the way these lyrics match in perfect unison with the rest of the instrumental. We’re not strictly experts in the genre or mix of genres Katherine Eisenberg evolves in with these tracks but we can certainly pick up an eager individual with a creative force.

Musically the ‘Nice’ EP is beautifully produced, her vocal delivery recalled some of Margo Price‘s best and some of Lillie Mae Risch (Jack White’s band member: on the fiddle and some vocals) signature sounds. However, Eisenberg’s were sprinkled with a tasty twist in the instrumentation and influences she drew as a child to create an entirely new blend: part country, part surf rock, and a dash of doo-wop.

Katherine Eisenberg has lived in multiple cities since her childhood, from London, Florida to New York via Wisconsin, making friends and listening to all kinds of music from a very young age.

We cannot stress how much of a bright spot this EP has brought to our day. We highly recommend you take a listen below and maybe hopefully ‘name-your-price’ on Bandcamp when you will want to purchase her EP… Don’t forget to follow Katherine Eisenberg online too.

PS: Our favorite tracks so far have got to be “Lately” and “Florida”.

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