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Soft, delicate, relatable. Three adjectives that could easily and appropriately describe singer-songwriter Melis that’s how we introduced the Berlin-based new sensation. And it seems we hit every one of them bang in the middle. Half of the duo YVES… Melis was born in the Czech Republic and also has Turkish origins to add to her upbringing and multi-cultural self. And today it all boils down to her new single “Sober (Over You)” in anticipation for her long awaited debut solo ‘Parallels’ EP that will see mind-blowing tracks “Flower” and “Love Song Idea” come together in what is set to be another head-turning beauty of a record. All the popular music blogs are unanimous obviously, and naturally, so are we:

[imagebox maintitle=”Pre-Order : Parallels EP” subtitle=”One-off limited run of 10” Grey Vinyl. Hand-numbered and personally noted by Melis. White label, white sleeve.” image=”https://d1x26sjkwh9vok.cloudfront.net/uploads/image/20170921/658a14e2-1adf-4e29-b24d-784f25123783.png” color=”black” space=”80″ link=”https://qrates.com/artists/Melis/items/13749″] [title maintitle=”LYRICS” subtitle=”Sober (Over You)”]
In my memory
Thoughts that I rejected about me
They become my own enemy
Can someone tell my mind to set me free
Cause my insanity
is compromising who I’m meant to be
And erasing all ability
To understand what neither of us need
And that’s the reason why I said the things I said to you
I’ve done what I had to do
Reasoning my solitude
Even when I’m feeling on my own
Too weak for you, I think I’ll have another two
I’m not sure what it’s good for
But I’ll be sober when I’m over you
In my memory
Thoughts that I rejected about me
I’m realizing my reality
to get my thoughts and dream
Dream of all the things that I, that I ever said to you
Done what I had to do
I’ve put up with your attitude
even when i’m feeling so alone,
Too weak for you, I think I’ll have another two
Not sure what it’s good for but I’ll be sober when I’m over you
Over you
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