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The conversation I had with Weslee back in August unearthed some interesting facts about the already intriguing duo – but there was one answer that really stood out to me. When questioned about the meaning of the lyric, “Drunk again, sipping on your bathwater”, from their latest masterpiece, “Bathwater”, they gave a response that wasn’t quite expected:

Have you ever loved someone enough to drink their bathwater?

While I’m still having a tough time answering that one in the month since our chat, “Bathwater” has remained steadily on rotation, with a new video for the track only adding to the alluringly catchy vibe of the track. The visuals nail the same strength that Weslee plays to so well in their music: texture. Glitchy shots of waterlogged expression add an extra layer to the cryptic emotion of the track, and make “Bathwater” pierce just that much deeper.

Click the link and experience this one. Put any initial apprehension aside and really mull over the question: have you ever loved someone enough to drink their bathwater?

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