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Here’s another astonishing belter from rising solo act from Wales via London Bryde. The track comes just in time for her to announce a string of dates around the UK and Europe and her debut LP “Like An Island” which is slotted to be released on April 13th on her own record label Seahorse Music. The sound of which can be branded as candid indie rock truly shine in her mind-blowing live sets filled with melancholy and poetry. She digs deep into the topics of freedom, life, and human interaction all the while keeping her vocal delivery on point throughout and still wowing fans as she belts out her songs. And it remains uber-true on her latest single “To Be Brave”, the way the track progresses and climaxes. It’s breathtaking on so many levels.

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As Bryde says:

To Be Brave was written as kind of a soft squeeze of the hand to many friends who have, like me, been through many a dark period and put on a brave face and just got on with it. It’s a comment about how we all live out certain episodes of our lives in such a public setting these days that I feel we almost edit them to appear flawless, nothing but smiles.

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Bryde’s music is timeless for a reason. And you should really stop anything you’re currently doing to really fully immerse yourself in the experience. Seen the gal live, she rocks.

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