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It seems to me that bands from ‘down under’ really know how to convey a party mood to an audience. This time, Juno Disco hailing from Melbourne, does just that and more with their debut single “Do What You Want”. Dubbed ‘a gateway drug to the discotheque’, the track features very galactic synth elements made possible by the almighty Juno-106, a driving foot working beat, some congas along with compelling vocals and catchy lyrics. Of which, they touch upon having ‘freedom in the disco’.

I’m seeing the funny side of it
I’m seeing the funny side of it
So just do what you want
Do what you want to

We enjoyed the track so much we played it non-stop over this fabulously gorgeous weekend of sunshine, heat and great spirits here at Sodwee HQ. Longing for some real holidays and a getaway elsewhere. “Do What You Want” provided some relief in that aspect. Listen to the debut single out today by Juno Disco. Also, keep an eye on their future releases…

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