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As I’m penning this from the French coastal region of Loire-Aquatique, basking in sunshine and warm temperatures. I thought I’d let you in on a favourite hammock jam I’ve been having on repeat for the duration of my stay here, on a break from the busy Parisian Art-de-Vivre. Bronze Whale are beaming from Austin in Texas. The duo of producers/musicians comprised of Aaron Jacques and Benny Alley have dropped the perfect recipe for the lazy/warm afternoon in a hammock-time.

Now I know you don’t know
Play it cool, take it slow
Way you staying solo
Because I know, just tonight we’ll let go

Cue their latest single “Patterns” and the newly found general sound direction they’ve been toying with for the past couple of tracks. Add to that the fact that it is some of their first forays into original content, from music to mastering via vocals and mixing. Bronze Whale have decidedly taken a much different approach to their career, having started and risen to heights by remixing and reworking some tracks in the past for prominent fellow artists. That wasn’t the only path they pursued in their career. Having had a successful blog called Waxhole from 2015, the pair tackled the music industry from many sides at once.

Our big focuses this year were on originals, refining our sound, and taking on all elements of our production (music, vocals, mix, master). Our last original, Warm, really put this idea into perspective for us. That direction allowed Patterns to flow out easily and with a much clearer understanding of the style. It represents the cycles we go through in relationships. The push and pull we feel dealing with the repetition.

Hearing how good the track sounds, sipping on juice as I write those lines, I could only get down to sharing this piece of music. It’s a slight deviation from our usual, but none the less, a rather refreshing one. Here’s “Patterns” from Bronze Whale below. Check out their previous track “Warm” in the PASSPORT section further down and check the progression in their sound for yourself…

[accordion] [item title=”Lyrics”]

I’ve been lost in the mood
It’s just too soon
Clawing my way over to you
Distance closing
Feeling Moments

Body moving, try not stare
Keep it simple to be fair
Got that touch that
Makes me rush, and..

Now I know you don’t know
Play it cool, take it slow
Way you staying solo
Because I know, just tonight we’ll let go

You been playing the game
More of the same
But I ain’t the one that you blame
Left you broken
You still coping
Coming round from time to time
Yeah you fight but we still grind
Heavy breathing, got me feeling like..

I still know you don’t know
Played it cool, took it slow
Scared that you’re still so low
Holding on but I’m letting go

[/item] [/accordion]

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