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Rolling again with those mixtapes. Like the watermelon feel/color ? Listen closely to this selection of tracks. Plenty of new artists and oldies, goodies and golden nuggets to discover and rediscover here. Enjoy.

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40 minutes (or more).
One or two nuggets.
The best new tracks.
In a mixtape.
By yours truly.

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Ella Thompson – Snow 00:18
  • Flores – Wings 3:24
  • Kenzie – Dark July 7:33
  • Aaliyah – We Need A Resolution ft. Timbaland 11:01
  • WWWater – Screen 14:53
  • Gwen McRae – Keep The Fire Burning 18:53
  • Barry White – Let The Music Play 24:07
  • Beach For Tiger – Toffee 28:07
  • Altopalo – Glow 31:42
  • Arlo Parks – Eclectic 35:21
  • Liss – Good Enough 36:54
  • Maribou State – Beginner’s Luck 40:39

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