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Alextbh began the writing process for “Walls” on his knees, sobbing at the foot of his coffee table; and yet, the song’s emotionality isn’t overwhelming or dripping with tears. “Walls” is tender without being mushy, full of the kinds of melodies you feel in your chest and lyrics that stick in your head.

Alex goes well beyond the average satiny, 6/8 slow-jam here, using melody and harmony to grab you tightly before tossing you back out into the cool waters of smoky minor seventh chords and snare hits that elicit involuntary snaps. If I’m being too abstract again, just wait for 1:47 to explain everything.

My love, I’m so afraid for things to change

My love, guess I’m too carried away

The songwriting is excellent, the vocals are crystalline, the production is enveloping – everything about “Walls” boils down to you needing to listen to it. So, I won’t keep you any longer. 


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