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Had the hardest time trying to get to sleep yesterday. The cold weather and constant greyness is probably getting the best out of me right now. But, close friend JP rolled around the corner on the Twittosphere with this godsent miracle of a tweet…

I got intrigued and decided to give the track a spin. By the end of it I was gently falling asleep. So I had to share my encounter with Coco O. (IRL: Cecilie Maja Hastrup Karshøj, frontwoman of Quadron, the Danish duo based out of Los Angeles) therapeutical awesomeness. Reminding myself, there’s always people worse off at this very moment.

You will have heard of Coco O. before. She’s one half of Quadron, a danish duo that released a few albums and rose to fame by appearing on the Great Gatsby movie Original Soundtrack. Other noteworthy collaboration for Coco O. is the featuring on Tyler, The Creator’s track “TreeHome95” from his album ‘Wolf’. I personally didn’t have a clue she went on a solo project when she wasn’t baking electronic soul hits with Quadron.

For Fans Of (#FFO) Sade, nordic soul and a great alternative to any vitamin D supplement out there.

But indeed she does. Enter my two favourite track from her solo endeavor so far. “1000 Times” and “Know It”. Brilliance at every turn. Powerful whispered vocals, witty lyrics and great production value on offer throughout her output makes for great tracks to be heard when you really want to unwind, step back and get to the bigger picture of your everyday grind. The tracks touch upon lost love and heartache in the most emotional way.

Maybe I’m not special
Maybe I’m not still your favorite star
Maybe I’m no prophet
Maybe I don’t know how to work it out
But right now, wherever you are
I’ll do anything to show you I care.

A humble masterpiece of soul, right here. That everyone needs to get in their bedroom playlists A-S-A-P. The release of these two singles followed a first foray into the sadness endured by Coco O. with her debut EP titled “Dolceaqua”. You can listen to these two further tracks below:


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