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Charlie Gray is a rising name on the british music scene. From White To Gray is his solo project and he has just released “Paranoid” for us to enjoy. A lush slice of electro-pop and soulful vocals.

It’s gentle delivery reflects on people’s isolation and the daily grind in the modern age. Finding comfort and liberating escape in bars, clubs and fast cars. Towards therapy on the dancefloors, reflecting on life at night.

Based out of Brighton, in the United Kingdom. Charlie Gray (a.k.a. From White To Gray) already released the brilliance that is “Red Brick Roads” with it’s companion video (listen/watch further down). He follows up with “Paranoid”. An emotional number that has captured our attention upon first play. He also released a video to illustrate (watch above) with rough edits of people dancing at rave parties and other infamous 90’s bashes around Britain.

Coming from the dance and EDM world, From White To Gray pushes his producing skills that critical step further in the right direction, leaving us with the feeling of a more accomplished artist mastering his creative juice.

Follow Gray’s adventures as he releases more tracks in the near future. Add him on your favorite social profile and listen to the rest of his discography over on Soundcloud (also available through all major DSPs).


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