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“Stream of consciousness” seems to be an increasingly relevant description for quotes reaching the headlines these days. But, in the case of KeepitSwain‘s “Thoughts on Thursday”, the free-flowing ideas are articulate, clever, and ultimately effortless feeling, making for a track that’s cerebral and carefree all at once.

“One day this summer, I woke up on a Thursday and immediately started writing this long ass verse covering everything that was running through my mind at the time”, the Atlanta rapper explains. There’s such a feeling of freedom coursing through every bit of this one – no apprehension to the bars whatsoever, not an ounce of tension to be found. Listening to KeepitSwain rap is like listening to your friend who’s smarter than you unpretentiously spill some knowledge over a few drinks. Oh, and the beat is an absolute home run, featuring some of the vibiest flute I’ve ever heard in my life.

Better things to come, gotta believe that
Give ’em food for thought and they’ll give you feedback
Invest beyond a weed sack
And, yeah, it’s your journey, but it’s Gods plan, you should read that 

“Thoughts on Thursday” is really an amazingly pure piece of great hip-hop. Killer rapping, an unreal beat, and even a little hook at the end, it simply checks all the boxes. Get that consciousness streaming and get this one spinning.


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