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Sorry it’s been quite a while since my last entry but the wait was defo worth it… Not so much for Captain Beefheart who sadly passed away a few days ago and will always be remembered as the true and only blues rock extraordinaire. It now leaves more breathing space to a much more recent duo called The Black Keys ! Right, You probably think (yeah yeah, I can see you there, rolling your eyes with on of those *sigh* …. This guy doesn’t know how to effin count ! He stupidly skipped SDW019. Ahem cough cough … Here it is :

SDW019 – sodwee.com by Sodwee

So. In honor the late blues rocker we compiled a truly ear-exhausting playlist with 20 tracks from around the blogosphere and ready to rock your socks for Christmas… or the New Years Eve becausewe have some special mix to offer you on behalf and courtesy of Espace Prive a.k.a. Le_Raver a.k.a. Jay we never which day he uses this latter denomination. eheh. But the juice doesn’t lie in his multiple names but rather in his well produced, well executed DJ sets he puts up for you and myself to enjoy, day and night. All Of the time.

We have the pleasure of offering you the latest Espace Prive mix here. With plenty of 2010 anthems such as Duck Sauce’s uber-collaboration with A-track & Arman Van Helden ! You probably saw their killer video on tv featuring artists such as Pharell, Kanye West, Chromeo and the likes.
But not only ! Here’s the full tracklist for this Amazing Garlic Bread mix and believe me when you will get your crowd dancing before and after midnight at your home NYE party !! Get it today for free [click on the artwork] by tweeting or posting a facebook status about this mix.

Ok that is that ! Now onto some other cool goodies I have for ya today !

Sooooo I thought I’d stuff this zip file to the max for the christmas holidays as I wont be anywhere near a decent internet connection for the next 10 days…. So we have 20 tracks you can download two different ways :

  1. You can either download the whole pack in a zipped/tagged/+cover art (recommended) and enjoy the total shaaabang by clicking this  link : [download id=”274″]
  2. Or check the whole tracklisting below and download individual tracks the way you see fit, and according to your tastes. I recommend the St Germain – Rose Rouge as a DOD (download or die) tune !

Tracklist for SDW020 sample pack :

[download id=”254,255,256,257,258,259,260,261,262,263,264,265,266,267,268,269,270,271,272,273″]

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