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I simply couldn’t resist these gems ! Here are eight NEW tunes I’ve hunted & gathered for you below. If ya like ’em all you can download the entire zip file and extract it’s contents once on your desktop ! Otherwise go for the on by one technique ! Enjoy. The guy on the cover art is – indeed – Barack Obama ! And before you wreck this page with your frantic right-clics, I’d like to suggest appoint D.O.D.’s [Downlaod or Die] to Holy Ghost’s track “Do It Again” and Beth Ditto’s “awesomeness on polycarbornate called  “Do You Need Someone”. And lastly a mention for Corinne’s take on Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your  Lover” which has some definate street-cred growing on me!

[download id=”299,291,292,293,294,295,296,297,298″]
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