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I’m pretty proud of this one. Handle with care boys & girls, it doesn’t come any smoother than this one. It’s like a sloppy Vanilla and Chocolate Italian Gelato topped with banana slices; in other words : Paradise. Lie down a few minutes, it’s Sundaze anyway, so you probably don’t have much else to be doing. So… lie down and enjoy these 15 tracks I’ve picked for you today… it’s just the perfect chilled mixed. You’ll be traveling to Brazil, to Sweden, southern France and beautiful United Kingdom …. Sit back, relax, and take in these pure dollops of loveliness below :

Download ZIP file here.

Sundaze #19 by Sodwee B. on Grooveshark


  • Le Youth – Memories
  • Montevideo – Horses (Discotexas Remix)
  • Taken By Trees – Dreams
  • KO KO – So Strange
  • Beat Culture – Useless
  • Passion Pit – Constant Conversations
  • Saint Saviour – Midnight City (M83 Cover)
  • Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (ft. Tinie Tempah)
  • PAPA – Ain’t It So
  • Future Islands – Cotton Flower
  • Serge Gainsbourg – Melodie Nelson (Molecule Remix)
  • Les Filles Et Les Garçons – Night (feat. my girlfriend)
  • Criolo – Samba Sambei
  • Azealia Banks – Fierce
  • Tulipa Ruiz – Efêmera
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