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The son of Ecuadorean immigrants, Roberto Carlos Lange was born in South Florida in 1980. His childhood was suffused with tropical heat, humidity, hurricanes, all refracted with the rich sounds and colors of the various Latin American cultures of southern Florida. Pounding bass beats from passing cars, boom boxes bouncing down the block, and late-night parties called “peñas” provided a foundation for Lange’s interest in sound and lifelong quest to discover the unlimited variety of objects used to produce music. Over the last few years Lange has collaborated with prominent visual and sound artist David Ellis to compose a new series of kinetic sound sculptures. These include typewriters that self-type the lyrics to Grand Master Flash’s “The Message” (in rhythm to the song, none-the-less), musical owls drawn out of liquor bottles, owl costumes made out of straws, flying musical birds, motion paintings, and trashcans (full of trash) that are actually living drum machines. Lange has also worked with Paul Duncan and Bear in Heaven as well as famed music producer Guillermo Scott Herren to produce Prefuse 73 and Savath and Savalas as an active member and contributor.

We stumbled across this artist the day before yesterday (Monday 11th March 2013) and couldn’t help but share his great stuff. He’s been dubbed the “Bon Iver” of the spanish speaking world. Much to his credit, Helado Negro, is actually much better sounding in our humble opinion…

We recommend these tracks :

Helado Negro – Paz a Ti Helado Negro – Paz a Ti

Helado Negro – Calculas (Alternate) Helado Negro – Calculas (Alternate)

Helado Negro – 2º Dia (Piano Version) Helado Negro – 2º Dia (Piano Version)

Helado Negro – Dance Ghost Helado Negro – Dance Ghost

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