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Iceland exports quality music the same way Kenya puts quality long distance runners on the world stage (at olympics for instance). It’s devastatingly good and Iceland proves once again that cold weather, erupting volcanos or simply unpronounceable names isn’t a deterrent to any achievements or goals in this industry, quite the opposite in fact. It’s a trademark nearly. Many artists and more recently with John Grant spending much of the creative process for his latest album there… It is a country with a high-production rate for totally world-class bands and artists. Disa is the newest of them. Simply hit play on her debut single ‘Sun’ and you’ll instantly understand where I’m coming from. It’s a song that is driven by cold, electronic production, warm and ethereal vocals. Disa is a singer and songwriter who left Reykjavik, Iceland to live in Copenhagen and is now signed to Danish label Tigerspring. Play, listen and download the track ‘Sun’ right now :

Disa – Sun : Disa – Sun

And check out her just premiered video :

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