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It is with great pleasure that Sodwee.com premiere Exotic Toy‘s newest track today. It’s called “Cyanure”. Ninon & Harold – the pair behind the band – have had a great response to their debut track “Souvenir” only two weeks ago.

Now ready to move on and get the crowd drooling for more. The Parisian duo know to make things look and sound good. “Cyanure” has that brilliant R&B feel, with production driven by Harold, and the female vocals layered on top mastered by Ninon, it is no doubt one of the most promising acts we’ve seen surface this fall from the boiling French and more specifically the Parisian scene. They sing in English on this track too, and a video will be released in the next few days to illustrate the track further.

We get the sense that Exotic Toy will drop brilliant tracks in the future, and we really can’t wait to lay our tender ears on them. In the meantime, take the time to play their follow-up to “Souvenir” above. And do not forget to follow their online profiles (links below) and get updated with their whereabouts before anyone else…

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