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It’s January, and we have new music ready to be fired into the 3rd dimension : REFS are a new duo from New York Citaaayh. They deliver a suave blend of modern R&B roots with an electro-infused pop. It’s nicely put together and we hear the band will embark on a rather gruelling schedule over the next few month in support of their upcoming material.

The band has teamed up with Panama Wedding‘s very own Andrew Maury on production duties and offers us the pleasure of their debut track “Pain Goes Away” here today. Take a listen and spin this tune over and over again until the we publish the next !

As with most bands these days, not much has filtered through the grapevine as of yet. But rest assured, the NYC duo will soon blow onto the blogosphere with more. So it’s a good idea you start following the pair via their social profiles….

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