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Satellite Jockey is a band from Lyon and they’ve just released their new album “Falling” today on four different record labels : AB Records, Another Records, Kidderminster Records and Montagne Sacrée.

The sound dripping out of the record is powerful, and quite an awaken dream across the nineties and the sixties, coloured by a beloved psychadelism.  The track “Turning Into You” can sooth and be taken as a prescription for any condition at anytime because it’s simply a little masterpiece. Sounding sometimes like MGMT or Tame Impala, which seems to be a great influence on “Falling. The unbelievable feeling of “falling” all along the album is as real as it sounds, but the melancholic fall is soft and seems to be never ending, until the last chord of, what I would call, a successful album made of perfect crystalline voices, psyched synths and deep-rooted well crafted guitars lines. Listen instead :

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