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So little is actually known from this French duo aside from the fact they’re backed up by Red Bull Music Academy and will play their first ever date at the Ubu in Rennes. We’re told that is where they come from. But by the English accent we’re pretty sure we have some well travelled guys behind the veil of mystery that surrounds the band Her.

We also know that Her have just dropped their first single “Quite Like” on Soundcloud ahead of their of the first show (taking place in Rennes – like we said). A sensual soulful number with great simple lyrics.

I quite like your hair
I quite like your eyes
I quite like your breasts when you undress

I quite like your legs
Like your thighs
Like your highs
I quite like your hands when you caress

It’s evidently elegant, and the whole visual aspect of the band won’t deny any of that. The whole project is turned towards women and their sensuality. Both men, both singers. They’ve gone to great lengths in order to deliver stellar live sets, and it will show when you’ll see the musicians they’ve enrolled…

One of the lead singers has grown in Germany and brought some Kraftwerk back with him while the other spent some time in the United States of America where he picked up a strong black music influence. And correct me if I’m wrong but we totally second that last argument ! The pair deliver a great blend of music, soul and pop mixed together for the best results. Some hybrid creature along the lines of Frank Ocean and Shuggie OtisChild of Lov and Aaron Neville… This track along with the album in preparation has been produced by their good friend Michael Declerck.

[infobox maintitle=”HER – LIVE” subtitle=”April 9th @ L’Ubu in Rennes – RBMA event” bg=”black” color=”white” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”https://www.facebook.com/events/732719633502337/”]

All this name dropping to better hide behind their newest project Her. The duo from Rennes manages to hook us on simple, yet very efficient production and lyrics. You need to keep an eye on those guys. They’ll rock 2015 with their tracks. Stay tuned.

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