Got Five Minutes To Spare ? For Her ?

The band Her made quite an entrance on the French, and worldwide music scene for that matter, they went from virtual nobodies, and still are to some extent, to a hot fixture in the music industry circles. From nobodies, not exactly, we know the lead members are from a well known pop-rock outfit that kind of went their separate ways to pursue solo/side projects… They had released “Quite Like” a few weeks ago, and of course we were all over their awesomeness back then. Today, after a couple “low-key” live events in the elite circles of snob-ish David Lynch designed uber-club Silencio in Paris and a couple appearances in homeland festivals in and around Rennes. The pair are back full throttle to support their upcoming track : “Five Minutes”. Listen below to this sensational, minimalistic take by the French duo. And take the spin further with “Quite Like” further down.


London - October 22nd - Old Blue Last | Rennes - December 03rd - Transmusicales

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