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All photo credits go to Michela Cuccagna. Feast on those brilliant photos from the live show by Circa Waves at Point Ephémère in Paris last October, 27 th 2015. Thanks again Michela ! Truly appreciated… Guys, share this post around. Who knows, maybe as soon as next week, if you behave of course … 😉

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[title maintitle=”THE SETLIST” subtitle=”PARIS – Point Ephémère – 26 September 2015″]

  1. Young Chasers
  2. Good For Me
  3. So Long
  4. Fossils
  5. My Love
  6. Talking Out Loud
  7. Best Years
  8. Stuck in My Teeth
  9. Get Away


  1. 101
  2. T-Shirt Weather

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