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Witnessing the rise of a blossoming new artist, singer-songwriter is a special gift as it stands. So when we first heard “Mystery” from British wizzkid formerly known as ALECS to longtime fans (including Sodwee), now roaming the streets of Fulham (London) as Lex Low, after finding out the nickname he once used was already taken.

Alex Treharne, in real life, drops his second single “Mystery” extract from his forthcoming third EP.

It’s a brilliant testament of the direction the young singer-songwriter is taking. Upping the game track after track. Showing real progression in the few tracks we’ve been able to hear so far. Production wise, on the vocals and even in his signature taste.

Here’s what Lex Low has to say about the single :

Mystery was the last track that came out of the writing process and I wanted to muse on the complexities of a relationship. I had written about the highs you can feel in ‘Addicted Lover’ and the lows in the other two tracks on the EP. However, it didn’t feel like I’d explored the day to day experience of being with someone intimately; how you think that you know your lover but in reality you’re being constantly surprised as you get to know them more deeply. That’s what ‘Mystery’ is – it starts quite sparsely, in terms of production, and builds to a crescendo when the strings come in during the bridge. That chorus lyric “Even after all our history / girl you’re still a Mystery to me” encompassed the message I wanted to put across with this project so it felt right that I should name the EP after the track.

Make sure you follow this all round super nice lad on his Soundcloud profile, and other social outlets, he getting quite the attention at the moment, and of course spin his newest track below :

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