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Dear Drake,

There’s a new artist who’s competing for all the feels that were once dedicated to your songs only. He’s from Memphis and his name is Jon Waltz. Off his upcoming EP, “Anna” (which is also the title track) hits the ground running with hard and heavy beats like that of a racing heart. Jon Waltz‘s smooth voice, along with the backing vocals of Joba, tells the story of modern romance. The addictive nature of  “Anna” is packaged into Jon Waltz‘s time traveling lyricism, hooking the listener into this tale of unrequited love from beat one and reminding them of a heartache they once had. Jon Waltz sings these words frequently in the chorus, but “Anna” is much promising yourself to smoke only one cigarette only to discover that you’ve gone through the entire song. And you need to hear it again.

Did you miss it? Scroll back and listen to “Anna” above.

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