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For the fifth year of the almighty Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris this year (2015) we have handpicked what not to miss during the festival taking place at the end of the month of October : less than three weeks now ! With emphasis on acts that have not had the chance to play at the American edition of Pitchfork Music Festival in recent years to keep things fresh and tasty for us Europeans. Upcoming, newcomers, floor fillers, unknown jammers. You’ll have your fix of music over the Halloween weekend, That’s a given !

Basically, the earlier you get to the venue, the better. The acts are just astonishingly good for daily opening slots. Get your ass in early, avoid queues, and gnarly festival goers. Enjoy yourself. Treat yourselves.

Photos taken last year by Sophie Jarry

[title maintitle=”ESSENTIALS” subtitle=”Let us guide you “] [columns_row width=”third”] [column]DAY ONE | THURSDAY
[separator type=”thick”]HAELOS : It seemed that trip-hop had nothing left to offer, an idea confirmed by the lack of successors to the Massive Attack/Portishead era. But here they finally are, a London-based trio who does not hesitate to remodel the heritage left by their masters, making it more manageable, more pop. But certainly no less deep and emotional, as can be witnessed with their first EP, released this year. An entire universe of sounds to be explored with eyes closed and feet off the ground.

[separator type=”thick”]BEACH HOUSE : Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally are maturing well. Since 2010’s magnificent Teen Dream that set Beach House up as a fully grown band, the duo has continued to refine their emotional universe. Beach House has grown from a studio entity to a fully-fledged live band, going on long tours, developing their dreamy, introspective, yet very pop sound into its most simple form.
[separator type=”thick”]Deerhunter : has always maintained an aura of mystery around itself, and for good reason. The Atlanta band owes a lot to the song-writing skills of its leader, Bradford Cox, a talented and visionary musician, also known for his side project Atlas Sound. A blend of night-owl garage, dream-gaze, and slightly deranged psych-rock, Deerhunter’s music must be seen live, when it fills the room with decibels, and is driven by the often haunted performance of its leader.
[/column] [column]DAY TWO | FRIDAY
[separator type=”thick”]DORNIK : He was brought to our attention with his first single “Something About You,” released on the excellent PMR label. Ex-member of Jesse Ware’s live band and buddies with Disclosure, Dornik’s laid-back blend of pastel synths and languid R’n’B beats are the supported by vocals that are reminiscent of both 80’s pop and the latest productions by Chromeo. The kind of thing you want to listen to in two distinct places: at sundown in a vintage convertible, or at the Pitchfork Music Festival Paris.

[separator type=”thick”]RHYE : Cold and sculptural soul, groovy electronica, undercover indie R’n’B? Rhye is a duo composed of Mike Milosh, whose solo productions under his own name are already famous, and Robin Hannibal, one half of the Danish jazz duo Quadron. Rhye does not answer the previous question, so it will be up to us to figure it out during their concert. In light of the magnificent melodic circumvolutions of their album Woman, getting lost in that question should be a great pleasure.

[separator type=”thick”]ROME FORTUNE : Thanks to its diversity, American rap is doing very well. And Rome Fortune is another one to thank. Since the 2013 release of his mixtape, Beautiful Pimp, the Atlanta born rapper plays around on the grounds that he has conquered: dark and hypnotic, yet enlightened enough to detect his multiple electronic assets. Rome Fortune is proof that hip-hop has a lot to gain from soaking in house, bass music, or even hallucinatory experimentations.

[/column] [column]DAY THREE | SATURDAY
[separator type=”thick”]CURTIS HARDING : A lost soul from the depths of Michigan, an evangelist mother, and a raw and used electric guitar : the perfect résumé of a 70’ soul man. But Curtis Harding is very much an artist of our time. His vision of soul music is visceral, noble yet contemporary, often daring, and is the perfect antidote to today’s fast-paced world. Curtis Harding’s path is still short, but is already timeless.

[separator type=”thick”]NAO : Alone at the helm of a hybrid project, a cross between pop, modern R’n’B, and electronic soul, NAO has already understood that the core of her musical talent is her voice, the versatility of which allows her to navigate with ease between all the aforementioned styles. With only a few EPs to her name, she is perfectly placed to takeover the throne left vacant by Neneh Cherry. Can she live up to these expectations on stage? Her trip to Paris, a potentially historical moment, should prove it.

[separator type=”thick”]RATATAT : No one can forget Ratatat. Mike Stroud and Evan Mast can certainly be proud of having achieved something that a number of bands have spent entire careers barely reaching: creating an inimitable sound. Which is probably why the band can afford to disappear for 5 years, reappearing as if nothing had happened, with an exceptional album. A work of art bursting with a characteristic and communicative energy that is particularly strong on stage.
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